Monday, November 7, 2016


Deploymate helps you identify unavailable, deprecated and obsolete API usage in your Xcode projects.

iOS WebKit Debug Proxy

The ios_webkit_debug_proxy (aka iwdp) allows developers to inspect MobileSafari and UIWebViews on real and simulated iOS devices via the Chrome DevTools UI and Chrome Remote Debugging Protocol. DevTools requests are translated into Apple's Remote Web Inspector service calls.


Very simple background app to save a screenshot of the currently active Touch Bar to the Desktop. It floats as an overlay over all apps, and has a single button that will save a screenshot of the Touch Bar UI with no chrome. This can be perfomed on Macs with or without a physical Touch Bar, and is great for marketing shots.

Touch Bar Demo App

Touch Bar Demo App allows you to use your macOS Touch Bar from an iPad (through USB connection) or on-screen by pressing the Fn-key. It shows the original Apple Touch Bar, which changes dynamically based on the app you're currently using. With this demo app, you can try out the Touch Bar on any Mac that does not have a physical Touch Bar.